Vulnerability Monitoring

Most small and medium size businesses do not have the in-house resources to implement an effective software vulnerability management programme, usually relying on an annual penetration test or security assessment to identify and address security weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Unfortunately software vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited on a daily basis, while more regular manual penetration testing is not an exercise that most businesses need or can afford to conduct on a weekly or monthly basis.

Now there is a solution that addresses the gap: Vulnerability Monitoring from Danielyan Consulting.

Vulnerability Monitoring covers a specified list of your websites or public IP addresses, scanning and monitoring them on a weekly basis for known security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. If any significant vulnerabilities are detected you are notified by e-mail so that they can be addressed.

Existing Danielyan Consulting clients are offered one complimentary monitoring target (which can be a public IP address or a website), and any additional targets can be monitored for a small annual fee.

Vulnerability Monitoring is not a replacement for annual penetration testing but is an additional, automated, low-cost service that aims to reduce the risk posed by known vulnerabilities that may arise between penetration tests.