Principal Consultant

I am a computer security specialist with over 20 years of experience in security engineering, penetration testing, security management, intrusion analysis and security audit at organisations such as Microsoft, Skype, Citigroup, Deloitte, the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

I was elected Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society in 2006 and left Microsoft Skype, where I was Senior Security Advisor, to set up Danielyan Consulting in 2013.

I have qualified as an expert witness in civil law, England & Wales, in 2022 (Cardiff University Law School).

Some of my qualifications include (in reverse chronological order):

I am an internationally published author and have written a number of peer-reviewed books and articles on computer security over the last 20 years including:

Interests and activities outside computer security

I have published work in the philosophy of religion and hold a double major First in Philosophy and Theology from the University of London (Heythrop College) and a research MA in Political Philosophy from the University of Buckingham, where I studied under the late Professor Sir Roger Scruton, one of Britain's leading philosophers, who supervised my postgraduate research on the problems of secularism, human rights and religious freedom in liberal democracies, published as Religious Freedom in a Secular Age (2021).

I am also interested in the implications of the incompleteness theorems proven by Kurt Godel, particularly affecting the possibility or otherwise of general artificial intelligence; the insurmountable, in my view, problems with scientistic physicalism; and the arguments against idealism (in the Berkeleyan sense), among other problems in philosophy.

My academic profile, published articles and unpublished papers are on Academia. I am a founding member of the Free Speech Union, a member of British Mensa and the founding director of the Stoa Foundation. I am also a member of the British Philosophical Association, Royal Institute of Philosophy and the British Society for the Philosophy of Religion.

In my spare time I tutor A Level Philosophy and Religious Studies, in particular Epistemology, Moral Philosophy (Ethics), Metaphysics of God, Metaphysics of Mind, Christianity (including Catholic Christianity), Judaism, and Philosophy of Religion.