Expert Witness

I am a Cardiff University accredited expert witness (Civil Law, England & Wales) listed on the Bond Solon Register of Expert Witnesses. I can be instructed to act as an expert witness (either as a party-appointed or single joint expert) in civil law cases in English and Welsh courts in the following areas of my expertise:

    • IT and Computer Security

    • Cyber Security Incidents

    • Digital Forensics

    • Electronic Discovery

    • GDPR - Security of processing of personal data

Use of expert witnesses in civil cases in England & Wales is governed by the following rules and practice guidance:

  1. Civil Rules of Procedure Part 35

  2. Practice Direction 35

  3. Guidance for the Instruction of Experts in Civil Claims 2014

For more information on how to use the services of expert witnesses please refer to this guidance from the Academy of Experts. If you require an expert witness in one of the above areas of expertise contact me to discuss your requirements in confidence, enclosing a copy of the proposed confidentiality agreement with your consultation request.