Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack by malicious actors

We perform both Web application and infrastructure penetration testing and our integrated approach means we don’t just give you a list of problems but help you solve them and address their root causes now and in the future. Penetration testing of Internet-facing applications and infrastructure is an essential necessity for any business. Penetration testing gives you the assurance that all the hard work you have invested in designing and implementing secure infrastructure or applications has paid off and your product or service won’t fall apart when subjected to malicious activity.

Traditional penetration testing concludes with the delivery of a report at the end of the penetration test. It lists identified issues and makes recommendations and you are left to address the issues. No wonder many organisations find it difficult to actually improve security of their IT by conducting penetration tests alone - it takes much more to consistently operate secure services or release secure applications than just a penetration test. After we issue the penetration testing report we can work with your technical team to address both the specific security issues as well as their root causes.

Following the conclusion of the penetration testing engagement we issue a detailed internal report with our findings and recommendations, as well as a certificate of testing that can be shared with third parties such as customers, investors or regulators, provided no significant or material security issues were identified or all such issues were fully addressed.

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