Long before philosophy became the name of an academic discipline, it was associated by its practitioners with a way of life. To practice philosophy meant not to adhere to a specific set of doctrines, a method, or much less anything like a system of ideas but to live in a certain way. The way of life of the philosophers was intended as an answer to the question, “How ought I to live?” or “What is the best way of life?”. - Pierre Hadot

Everything in nature happens mechanically and at the same time metaphysically but the source of mechanics is metaphysics. - Leibniz

God's mercy preserves mathematics from being drowned in mere technique. - Simone Weil

Culture is the root of politics, and religion is the root of culture. - Richard John Neuhaus

Hope is a theological virtue, not a political one. - Unknown

Something is beautiful if it exhibits both complexity and unity. Professor Gene Veith explained this idea in an editorial by describing two kind of paintings: in painting a black canvas has unity, but it has no complexity. A canvas of random paint splatterings has complexity, but it has no unity. Michelangelo’s painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling has rich detail along with order and balance. It exhibits complexity and unity. It is beautiful. - Unknown

Revelation’s challenge to philosophy is but a challenge and never a victory. At the same time, philosophy always remains a challenge to revelation’s ability to make claims about the evidence for revelation’s truth. This mutual challenge is ultimately a form of moderation. - Unknown

The straitjacket of falsification is the official dress of science. It is the badge of office signifying the unbreakable bonds of quantification, measurement and denunciation of metaphysical claims that gives the wearer authority in the matters of the quantifiable and the measurable. Yet the same authority depends on the straitjacket, is the straightjacket, namely the necessity of the assumption of necessary conditions for science which themselves are not derivable from science, not least the truths of logic and mathematics, and the assumption that experimentation discloses certain truths and that truths do not - cannot - conflict, observation most prominently made by Aquinas. - Unknown

To see good is to see God. - G.K. Chesterton

Where was God in Auschwitz, in Kolyma, with all the genocide, torture, war, and atrocity? Why did He remain idle? But that is a bad question. Apart from the fact that the monstrous horrors that humans have carried out against humans were not unknown in any period of history, that genocide, bloodbaths, and torture always occurred, that evil—the evil in us—never ceases to work, we smuggle into such a question the idea of a God whose incessant duty it is, through miracles, to protect humans against their own evil and to make them happy despite their self-inflicted wounds. But a God who acts as a magical power in the service of our prevailing needs was never actually the God of Christian faith or the God of any other great faith—however frequently such impressions appear in folk religions. - Benedict XVI

Our wish to “see through” the mainspring of specifically human action is a magician’s bargain: to ‘see through’ all things is the same as not to see. - C.S. Lewis

If we came only from dust, or random chance, or apes, then we are only dust, or random dust, or apes. And our destiny is only that of dust, or chance, or apes. And of course, then, it is only right and natural to treat people that way, because it's right to treat them as what they are. - Unknown

And if all knowledge is of that which is and is limited to the realm of the existent, then whatever transcends being must also transcend knowledge. - Pseudo-Dionysius

Remarkably enough, the claim that there can no longer be any God, the claim, that is, that God has completely disappeared, is the urgent conclusion drawn by onlookers at the terror, the people who view the horrors from the cushioned armchair of their own prosperity and attempt to pay their tribute to it and ward it off from themselves by saying, “If such things can happen, there is no God!”. But among those who are themselves immersed in the terrible reality, the effect is not infrequently just the opposite: it is precisely then that they discover God. - Benedict XVI

The agnostic who says that he does not know whether there is a God or not, has, in fact, prejudged the issue, if he has in mind a God of whom it would make sense to say that he may or may not exist. - D.Z. Philips

Just improve yourself, that is all you can do to improve the world. - Ludwig Wittgenstein

The laws of physics are a death warrant to all intelligent life. There is only one way to escape the death of the universe and that is to leave the universe. - Michio Kaku