Privacy Policy

At Danielyan Consulting Ltd we are committed to respecting individuals' rights to control over their personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This policy outlines how we do so.

Cookies - like most websites our website at uses cookies to provide its functionality, however since it is an 'information only' website you can disable or reject cookies for and the site will continue working with no loss of functionality.

Personal data - as a consultancy that only works with organisations and not directly with private individuals we only process personal data insofar as it is related to a current or former client organisation or engagement. We never collect more personal data than required to provide our services. We never transfer or sell any personal data to any third party for any reason unless required by applicable law or regulation. Examples of personal data we process are names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of employees of organisations that are our current or former clients.

Personal data rights - by law you are entitled to view, amend, export or delete your personal information that we hold. Please e-mail us at info at danielyan dot com to request this. There may be exceptions to this right when we are required to maintain certain information for legal or regulatory purposes such as in contracts or for the HMRC.

Data security - we implement appropriate security mechanisms such as encryption and multi-factor authentication to control access to personal data.

Changes to policy - we are entitled to change this policy at any time by publishing the current version on this website.

Last updated: 25 May 2018